Paul Canty Sales, LLC

PCS, LLC is a sales and marketing consultant for several leading manufacturers of Hygienic Process Components.

PCS, LLC was originally formed as a sales and marketing channel for manufacturers of sanitary products. The distribution channels into these markets are continually searching for a competitive advantage in dealing with the BioPharm customer base. The success of PCS has been due in large measure to a keen understanding of the everchanging market competition as well as successful representation of complementary product lines within the "BPE" standardized arena. 

With 30 plus years of experience, numerous contacts and knowledge in the sanitary process component arena, PCS, LLC is a cost effective way for any manufacturer to gain Brand recognition” without the high cost associated with direct positions.

PCS is currently working with manufacturers of BPE Tube and Fittings, Sanitary Diaphragm Valves, Sanitary Hanger and Supports and BPE compliant Custom Fabrications and Sample Valves.

PCS, LLC Attributes

Considerable knowledge of the global process control markets with an extensive contact and network base specializing in market analysis and new account development.

Ability to plan and implement effective International sales strategies utilizing inter-company or external channel resources, for contract negotiations and pricing issues.


Excellent technical appreciation of process control, within the BPE Sanitary and High Purity markets with understanding of the regulatory standards and validation protocols.